Speeding through Life


The shiny and transparent dew drops, walking on the grass with bare feet, chirping of the birds, rustling of the leaves, fragrance from the flowers, soothing sound of the breeze, the greens and a lot more… This picture was taken while we were travelling and as soon as I saw this, something hit me real hard. We always are on the move. We are so busy with our fast moving lives that we start to feel giddy if we stop. Hard to digest, but that is how we all have become. We are constantly on a search and fail to enjoy the little things that would probably give us the most happiness. The faster we move the hazier things become, just like in the photo captured. So Stop and take a closer look around and cherish all the beautiful things and people. Cheers!!!

P.S: “There is more to life than increasing its speed.” – Mahatma Gandhi