Height does not matter, there is always a way to reach there. Its all in the way you look at it. Think big and work hard and you would get it all. I was going through this phase of constantly sulking about me going nowhere as far as my career was concerned. But then I sat back and thought about how stupid I was being. I was wasting all my energy in just thinking I am unable to do something. And the moment I looked at the different opportunities I had and how they could help me reach where I want, I felt a lot better. Probably I was not doing enough and not giving my best. Now when I know it and I am giving all it takes, I see the results.

Btw today I was not sure what could be the photo and it so happened that today was one of those fruitful days. One of those days when everything falls into place and you feel all positive and high. So I thought this would be a good day to instill in me the the attitude that is needed to get anything you want in life. 

Are you all wondering that this is too strong a thought for a photo like this?? Even I did, but I could not take any photo today. Took a quick look through my bucket and this is what I felt would suit best. So all of you out there bear with me. I would try harder!!!

P.S: I named it “Heights” for two reasons. One, because it talks about reaching great heights. The other for all of you who think this one is hopeless and can say Heights Man!!! 🙂 🙂