A bond I share..



Look how bright it looks! Look at the shadows! Look at the rays! Look at the birds! Look at everything you can…
These are called the “black headed geese”. Geese family is divided into two groups, ‘gray geese’ and the ‘black geese’. They have become a part of my life now. I start my day by having a little chat with them at the lake. There are tons of them, but there is one family which is very close to my heart and I shall introduce them to all of you quite soon. It would probably be a series. Now coming back to these, they are my sole motivation for my morning walks. I always look forward to meeting them. Somehow I seem to share a very special bond with them. We are going to be shifting to a new house quite soon, and this makes me so emotional. Hell, I am going to miss these lovely creatures.
This is one of my favourite photos, guess it is because of the shadows. It looks too perfect to me.