London Bridge is falling down


London Bridge is falling down was one of most famous nursery rhymes in India back then. I loved it, I must say. Years went by and here I am in London. This was the first place I wanted to visit here. And when I saw it, all my excitement was shattered. I thought to myself, if all the hype was for this?!!! I have to say even the most okayish bridges in India look a lot lot lot better than the actual ‘London Bridge’. And then I turned around and this is what I saw.. Wow!!! It looked classy.. The blue paint makes it look royal, as royal as the country think they are.
Think I managed to get a good capture. This is the Tower Bridge. But I think most people think this is London Bridge. Of course there is a great history behind London Bridge, but that is all that it has.
This was one of the first places I visited with Ji and I was glad that I found the classy bridge to last a lifetime and did not have to be disappointed.