The poser



This one was taken just outside the Buckingham Palace. Nothing could have been cuter than this. It kept running to one place to the other and  I kept running behind this one to get a good capture. I am quite certain that this cute little thing definitely was a poser 🙂

Squirrels are known to be one of most innocent looking creatures, this one is definitely a proof. The squirrels in India and Sri Lanka have a striped back, in my opinion they look even more innocent and much more cuter (contradicting statement, but I am sure of this one).

So coming back to the Indian squirrels… Well there is a story behind why the Indian ones have stripes. According to Indian scriptures, when Lord Rama along with the Vanara Sena (Monkey Army) were trying to build a bridge connecting India and Sri Lanka, the squirrels helped in the process. The squirrels would roll on the sand and run to the bridge and shake the mud off to fill the gaps between the rocks in order to make them stable and stop them from floating. Lord Rama was really pleased with them and touched them with his fingers and that left the stripes. Isn’t this a very beautiful story?? These stories always make me smile and thank God for everything.

P.S. I know I spoke a little too much about Indian squirrels without posting their picture. The next time I am in India, I would definitely get one. I can’t wait to get to home. Fingers crossed!!