Same vs Different



This picture reminded me of the famous quotes, “Birds of the same feather, flock together”. Well, I think it is true. We always  love to be in a comfort zone, be with people who have similar interests, beliefs etc. Probably because it makes things and relationships smooth and easy. Not many disagreements, conflicts, no difference of opinions, a very effortless journey. But I feel it is important for each one of us to flock with different  feathers. We learn to  disagree, to understand, to respect, to be unbiased, to accept and a lot more. It might sound silly and you might think that it also happens when you are with people who are similar. Yes, I agree as well, but it is not the same. You would know it when you experience it. I feel we evolve and grow to be better human beings when we start to accept and respect differences. I also feel these are the little things that make life interesting and challenging. 

I live with a person who is in every way just the opposite of who I am. We probably have very very few things in common. But living with all these differences makes every single day of mine more interesting. We learn from each other. We have slowly started to explore each other’s interests and it excites me, because I learn. 

“Opposites attract”, another quote which by all means contradicts the first one and still makes a lot of sense. We most of the times get attracted to people who are different from us, but we don’t dare to step into it. The reason is obvious – we are always very careful with the unknown. But trust me,  it is worth all the trouble. So take a step, go ahead; learn and experience.