A lovely start




I hate it when I don’t post over the weekends, but somehow that is exactly what I do.. Sigh!!  I had been asking Ji as to why it is so difficult to make new friends once you are out of university. He says we grow up, we have more priorities, less time, no connection,  private lives, rigid thoughts, cautious attitude… And so we find it tough to connect with people very easily. But is it true??? May be it just requires the first step or the initiative. Living in a land where you can only have acquaintances makes me miss the  wonderful friends I have back in India. So I decided that I should try and make friends. It is worth it, they make life beautiful. And luckily I found an amazing one.

So this post is dedicated to the lovely couple (C & M) who Ji and I met over the weekend.  I met M online and we started  talking to each other over Facebook and finally decided that we meet. From the time I got to know M, I kept telling Ji that I finally found my first friend in London. Because everybody that I know is through Ji, but fortunately this time Ji would know someone through me 🙂 Yeah call them ego clashes!! We met them at a lovely Turkish restaurant and I felt we clicked instantly. I had been instructing Ji on what to talk and how to talk throughout 😛 I did not have to do that, but I was just trying to stress the point that they are ‘MY’ friends.. I suck sometimes!!  You see there was a lot of pressure on me for this to work. The moment we met them, I realized they were very down to earth and fun loving. M and I had so many things in common and as usual C and Ji  did get a chance to share their plight of being married. They just forgot that they had such sugar coated beings as their partners. So we had a lovely dinner with a lot of chit chatting and then were invited to their house for a cup of tea. I had been super excited about this meet and had been planning to take a picture with M. It never happened….. I was so buried into that moment that I forgot and I remembered it just after I stepped into the train to get back home.. Sad!! But… I very smartly convinced C & M to send me their picture.. This won’t happen again.. I would definitely take a picture with M soon. I saw C and I immediately felt the sibling connection(don’t ask me why I felt that way, I just did), so I asked him if I could tie him Rakhi (It is an Indian festival which is marked by the tying of a rakhi, or holy thread, by the sister on the wrist of her brother). Not sure if I was too fast, but doesn’t matter as it was from the heart. And to my surprise, he agreed. So I am going to have a brother 🙂 We decided that we meet again soon. I can’t wait to hang out with a girlfriend. It is always a great feeling when you make new friends who share common interests and connect well. 

C & M, thank you so much for catching up. I had a great time and it is going to be a memorable one. 

PS: The best part was that Ji was the odd one out, because he does not know Hindi. And I kept teasing him that we would speak a lot in Hindi and he might not understand (he does understand, but not very good at speaking). But Unfortunately he followed everything and could not make him feel like the odd one out.

PPS: Making a new friend was one of my wishes in my before 25 bucket list and I did it.

PPPS: This post is only what I think about those lovely people, I hope (fingers crossed) that they feel the same way.