The true self

“The aloneness is total and complete. Not loneliness but aloneness. Loneliness is always concerned with others; aloneness is concerned with oneself “- Osho

We always build walls between ourselves and others. We don’t want the others to know who we truly are. In fact we ourselves don;t want to know us. Funny, but true! Always influenced by the surrounding and the people, we always want to be a part of them. But have we ever thought how we feel about ourselves when we are alone, it is alone and not lonely. How comfortable are we with ourselves?? I feel the true self is revealed only when you are alone with yourself. You don’t have to fake, no influence, no compulsion to be someone else, no ego,  just do nothing other than being yourself. Being happy with the self is what I would call the biggest form of success in life. Not all of us are blessed with that. It takes a lot for us to free ourselves from everything and just experience self. Sometimes we become so contended with the pretension that we forget who we really are. We are scared to see the real. Only when the mind is completely alone can it know what is beauty and feel the joy of being oneself. It is important to accept aloneness and learn to live with it in order to experience the true self. 

Enjoy being yourself and know the self.  Cheers!!