What comes to your mind when you hear somebody say, ‘Born in the Wrong Body’??

From the moment we are born, our gender is no secret. We are either a boy or a girl. As we grow up most of us naturally fit into our own gender roles. Girls wear frocks and play with dolls while the boys wear pants and play with cars. But for some children, what is between their legs does not match with what is between their ears. These are transgender children with gender identity disorder.. This is not a phase. This is never ending. The feeling only becomes stronger as the days pass by. Most transgender children still live in the dark, hiding from the society that sees them as insane.

India may be the home for Kamasutra, but for centuries frank talk about sex has been utterly taboo. The transgenders are the most neglected and stigmatized people in our society. They are completely marginalized and pushed to the extremes. While some of them live a dignified life owing to education and family acceptance, many of them get into begging or become a sex worker. And getting into a job like this is not out of choice. Its just a means to survival.

In India, transpeople are known as ‘hijras’ and considered a third sex. They are outcast from the society and treated as a freak-show, with people paying them to dance at parties and bless them with their ‘magical powers’. Hijras, in India face severe harassment and discrimination from every direction. the struggle for the hijras begins with finding acceptance within the family. Once the truth is out, they are forced to leave the family. Next is the society which is equally unwelcoming.

Why is it so hard for us to simply accept them for the way they are??? Each one of us are just making their lives miserable. The basic thing we should realize is that they are also ‘HUMAN BEINGS’ . Respect them and let them live.

Genetic influences and prenatal hormone levels, early experiences in a family of origin and other social influences can all contribute to the development of transgender behaviors and identities. A psychological condition is considered a mental disorder only if it causes disability and distress or disability. Many transgender do not experience their transgender feelings and traits to be distressing or disabling, which implies that being transgender does not constitute a mental disorder. For them the significant problem is finding the resources such as hormone treatment, surgery and the social support they need in order to gender identity and minimize discrimination.

But beyond all this it is each one’s duty to just support them and not isolate them. They are one of us!!!!