Enjoy spending and saving


We can’t get enough of shelling out cash. No matter how much we have, the money would always be less. The moment you feel your wallet is weighing more, you would have more reasons to spend it.  These reasons evolve as and when you see more cash. Why do we spend??? Happiness!!?? Of course we can always say that there different ways to be happy and one does not need money to find happiness. It is definitely true, but lets face it, spending makes us happy. And I think it is perfectly okay to make yourself happy by spending. Well, we all go back empty-handed anyway. Moreover why do we earn, it is only to spend 🙂 

But I feel, we all get too much into the money aspect. We are always in need of more. I think if one really wants to find happiness by spending, then one needs to think that they have enough to spend for what they ‘want’. We are not one of those few people who can be satisfied if their basic needs are met, we always ‘want’. Yet what I feel is if one understands their financial state, it would be a lot easier for them to only want what they can spend for. It is tough, but life would be simple if it is done. 

We all have different spending patterns. A few think it is important to spend on travelling the world, some think spending for their home, some find happiness in simply shopping, some enjoy spending on pampering themselves, few think that spending on entertainment is what they would be happy with. So there are various things we all spend on. It is different for each and everybody. I feel if one knows their priorities, they spending can be regulated. For e.g. Ji and I love travelling and so we splash out a lot on that. We also spend quite a bit for having a fun weekend. But we are quite cautious with others. We save on other aspects.  We feel this is the right time to travel around the world and to socialize. May be in a couple of years when we have a child, our priorities would change. We would may then spend on our house and start to save for the expenses that we might incur once we have a baby. 

Priorities change as you move on in life. The way we think it is important to spend to be happy, we should also think about saving for the not so good times. You might open a can of worms any time, life might not warn you always. So learn to enjoy life even when you are not spending. 

PS: Not sure if this post made sense. I have tried to connect two points here. First is about never feeling enough and the second is about  enjoying saving. Hope both are conveyed.