“Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.” – Robert Green Ingersoll

I know a person who is a great activist, a wonderful social worker, an extra ordinary leader and a FIGHTER. This person is visually impaired and is also differently abled. He was born with cerebral palsy and also lost his vision at a very young age. When you see this man, you would probably not see anything extra ordinary. May be a lot of us would sympathize on him for his condition. But let me tell you that he is a Star. He is someone I have learnt a lot from and I am sure there are many who would feel the same. He is  young, may be just in his early 30’s. He is a part of one of the best organizations that work for the differently abled in India. He manages the Disability Legislation Unit of the organization and fights for the rights of the differently abled. He is married and has a child. He is a great orator. Oh, I can probably go on and on. His story is too long to be told in this post, but the message is Hope. He once told me that the reason for his success is “Hope”. Hope is what gives the strength to fight, to survive and to succeed. 

“When the world says give up. Hope whispers… Try it one more time.” – Unknown

So all of keep your hopes alive and make your dreams come true 🙂