Random thoughts


This morning I read a message on one of my friends’ FB page. It said, “No point in blaming Ravana abducting Sita, looking at the Sri Lankan cheerleaders dancing at T20 in Sri Lanka!!”. It did not shock me, but it definitely disappointed me. Over the weekend at another friend’s place, we commented on how we liked what Sri Lanka had done. They had not chosen the skinny, fair-skinned, scantily dressed women, but had chosen normal women as cheerleaders. But this morning I realized not many feel the same. I appreciate the decision of the Sri Lankans to have these women to take over the stage. They might not look like any of those models or even have dressed up the best possible way, but I believe they did what they were there for and I also think they are beautiful in their own way. We Indians, do not have the courage and neither do we take pride in who we are. 

It surprises me as to how we have started to interpret beauty. We think beauty is all physical. Fortunately it is not!!! Wanted to share a beautiful message from some blog. Not sure where I read it..  Enjoy it!!

Today, my son turned 7 and I turned 23.  Yes, I had him on the day I turned 16.  The choices I made when I was a teenager were foolish, and sometimes I get worried I’m bringing my son up wrong.  But today I took him to the park to celebrate our birthdays.  He played for hours with a girl who has burn scars that cover most of her face.  When my son took a break to eat, he pointed to her and said, “She’s so pretty and cool!”  Which left me thinking, “I must be doing something right as a mom.”

Not sure how many of you really felt the way I did about the cheerleaders, but just wanted to share how I relate myself to such things. 


PS: I am sure you know that the picture was not taken by me. Took me quite sometime to find this.