A man reading Bible in the train was constantly disturbed by the scientist who was sitting opposite to him.

Scientist: So much science has developed, you still read Bible?

Man: Me reading the Bible, is it disturbing you?

Scientist: No it is not about disturbing. Science has evolved so much to explain life and why you people continue to believe in those old traditional religions, I cannot understand.

Saying that, the scientist took over his business card and handed over to the man

Scientist: Whenever you can fix up an appointment with me, come and discuss. I want to explain the scientific way to look at life.

Humbly the business card was taken by the man and was put in between the Bible and closed the Bible, because he realized that he would not be able to read it any more. When the station came where they had to get down, both of them got up together.

Scientist: You did not tell me your name.

Man: I am Thomas Alva Edison.

The scientist was startled.

Scientist: Sir, when can I meet you?

A day was fixed and the scientist came to see Thomas Alva Edison. And in the living room of Thomas Alva Edison an immaculate model of the solar system is there.

Scientist (curious): Who engineered this?

Edison: Nobody made this. It was not there last night, morning when I came, it had come.

So the scientist is a little confused and again asks Edison who made this. Edison keeping a very serious face gives the same reply as before.

Scientist: Sir, between you and me, we know this is not possible. Somebody should have made this.

Edison: When you all scientists say that the whole solar system has come by itself and nobody has made it, can’t a model of solar system come by itself?

If there is an effect, there has to be a cause. Like the Rigveda says, we don’t know what It is , but we know It is. If there is an effect, there must be a cause. If there are creations, there must be a CREATOR.Β 


Reference: TT Rangarajan