Currently wishing for….


I closed my eyes and wished for….

I wish

  • When I talk to my mom, I could touch her and feel her sitting right next to me.
  • I could have non-stop verbal fights with my sister like before… Now we stick to only non verbal fights (go days without talking). Weird I know, but I miss that.
  • I could find a whole bunch of friends here to hang around with..
  • I could eat lots of gol gappas and all the road side chaats..
  • I could get drenched in the rain and have a nice Β chai..
  • I could sit on the beach and watch the sun go down and eat panju mittai (sugar candy) and see my tongue turn pink.
  • I could work as hard as I worked in India.
  • I found the job that would make me slog, but still give me utmost satisfaction. Well yeah, you read it right.. I love the field that I am in and would love to do more of it.
  • I could get onto a crowded bus and experience the joy of finding a place to sit. And immediately strike a conversation with the person sitting beside me.
  • I could just connect with the people I met and not have to really make efforts to click.
  • I could eat ghar ka khaana (cooked by ma ofcourse).
  • I could go on a texting spree like my college days. Well not that I cannot text people now, but just that I don’t know people who I can text πŸ™‚
  • I could catch up with friends and go on rattling about simply nothing for hours.
  • I could call Β Pa and ask him to take me on a drive (with the windows open).
  • I could continue learning music, but not through Skype.
  • I could have a pet here..
  • I could eat a meal cooked by Ma…
  • I could have less choices. You have too many options here for everything. Take even cereals for the matter, you have too many to choose from. And I Β really suck at it.
  • I could enjoy the weather. Just sit in the patio, get some good sunlight Β even during winters. Look around and enjoy life.
  • I could get lucky on a Saturday afternoon when I switch on TV to see a Desi movie playing πŸ™‚ Silly things I wish for.
  • I could hear the constant noise of the ceiling fan when I am sleeping.
  • I could spend my time eating all the goodies prepared during festivals and still want more.. Greedy me!!
  • I could address people older than me as Uncle or Aunty (silliest)
  • I could ride my two wheeler.
  • I could see people wearing colorful clothes πŸ™‚
  • I could see those sights.. The sound, the sight, the smell, that could always keep you amused and never get bored.
  • I could shop like a maniac.. all the road side shops.. junk jewellery, clothes, footwear, accessories all that and still have some money left to have a wonderful meal.
  • I could Β transport my huge house to here.
  • I could have tube lights flickering in the house.

Okay, I end it here… Now that I decided to stop, I realized that I miss my home for a lot of other reasons as well and I will miss it. I might have complained about all of the above then, but they are a part of my life and I can’t get bored of it. No matter how imperfect home is, it looks more than perfect for a person like me.

After I say all this, I have to admit life here has not been that badΒ after all. And the reason is Ji. The grass is always greener on the other side, but right now this quote does not make any sense to me. I am selective!! πŸ˜›

PS: Last few weeks have been crazy.. me and my mood swings and so no blogging. I decided to throw it all here and may be I would feel better. Now, may be I do and may be not πŸ™‚

PPS: The wishes change just as time changes.