Stunted growth

A couple of weeks back, I saw something at a friend’s place. It was a tree, but really tiny and in a small pot. Β So the friend explained to me that it was called a Bonsai Tree. They had to water it often, trim it, give it absolute care. It definitely looked beautiful, imagine how a tree in a small pot would look πŸ™‚

I always assumed that Bonsai trees only grew small, until today. Today I found that they are just like all other trees capable of growing tall and huge full sized trees. Bonsai is a technique to artificially stunt the growth of trees. Pruning and root restriction keep the plant dwarfed. For some people bonsai is a hobby. So these trees if planted in the ground would have the potential to grow to their natural height, instead their ability is shrunk. While I definitely appreciate the art of growing a bonsai tree, there is also a hesitation. A tree that can grow to great heights has been restricted.

We have been created in such a way that we have the potential to achieve things. We are exceptionally gifted to create wonders and make a difference in the world. But often our growth is restricted by various things around us. It could be relationships, environment, habits, fear, past, experiences, attitude….. the list goes on…

Our lives holds a great purpose, each in our own way are designed to make a difference. Sit back and find your strengths, make the changes and create a difference.

PS: The photo was flicked fromΒ

I forgot to take a photo of the tree.. May be the next time I visit them, shall take one and replace this one with that πŸ™‚