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With the constant use of technology for anything and everything, things have changed in every way. Things have become much easier and we don’t need to spend too much energy. Everything is only a click away. Is it good enough?

The invention of the computer and the mobile phones have brought in the invention of email,  sms and a lot more.  While this technology has helped us stay connected to people all over the globe, seems like it has hampered the intimate contact, especially with our immediate family. Sometimes I wish, we hadn’t grown so much.  We would have had a lot of time for ourselves  and may be keep track of life. Now, life seems to be never-ending. All of us keep running and there is a constant fear of missing something, not ‘somebody’.

All of us hardly have the time to know what is happening with each other. There is no face to face interaction.  Oh yes, we do manage to make sometime to sit in the living room and hang around with the family, but there comes the ‘idiot box’, ‘online encyclopaedia  and the ‘communicator’ along. Now, how can one concentrate on what the living being sitting right next to you is saying, when you have a virtual figure around?

Ofcourse this does not mean that we do not want to interact with people. We are in need of attention and that is why all these social networking sites are booming. Then why is it that we find it so hard to interact with our family and find it easier to talk to someone who is just an acquaintance? Why do we run away from reality? I have started to believe  that talking to someone face to face makes us very insecure. We are more comfortable hiding our identity and indulging in a conversation.

We are influenced  to a great extent by the western culture. We want to prove that each of us are independent and can live our lives without anybody else’s support. Rush to prove oneself, peer pressure, too many distractions, improper prioritizing, craze for money could be the reasons.  All these at the cost of something more precious; our close ones. Where are we all headed to? Who do need to prove to?

Sit back, take an off, spend a quiet evening with your family, have a meal together and see what it feels to be in touch with a close one (not through your technology). Work on your relationships and keep it going. Lets not depend on an acquaintance to listen to you, instead make your family be the audience.


PS: This piece was written  years back when I was away from family (even today I am). I remember that day quite well. I was feeling very low and wanted to be back home. Had lost somebody really close and I did not know who to fall back on. I just wanted to be away from all the gadgets and be alone. But eventually  I did end up being on phone all night pouring my heart out 🙂 Funny how it had  been my saviour that day..