Want you to know that…


Ganesh, this one is for you.. I always wanted you to read my blog, well that was the deal just in case you don’t remember. And I know that you don’t. But just in case you happen to read, I want you to know…

that you suck at faking.

that you are hopeless at putting up a brave face when things are not great with you.

that you looked gay with that weird hairdo (it can be for a guy too) of yours a few months back.

that I hate it when you message me just for the heck of it… just to know if I am doing alright.

that you suck at consoling me.

that you are still a 5-year-old at heart even though you have physically grown as 25 or 26?? πŸ˜›

that your face resembles that of a horse.

that you make me smile.

that I secretly enjoy you calling me freak.

that I miss all those messages for hours we used to exchange during college and even after that.

that your poems and few messages are among my most priced possessions.

that all the random conversations and late night conversations would always be remembered.

that you never make me feel better, but the very thought that you want me to feel better always works.

that the bike ride with you was one of the best and a lot was understood without me having to say.

that when I heard of your accident, I tear rolled down.

that although you suck at a lot of things, you are the best friend anybody could have.

that you can’t hit on my sis.. It is a big No πŸ˜›

that Β I appreciate and thank you for being there for me at the worst of times. You know it all.Β 

that I hate to cry in front of you.

that I hate you for not being there, it not being the same, for losing it somewhere, for …….. ………….

that inspite of all the blunders, you still mean a lot and very special.

that a lot of my friends think you are hot, that includes guys as well πŸ˜›

that I knew you always had the charm to attract men. (Ok kidding!!) Stop giving that look

that you are brave and capable enough because you have tolerated me for 7 years now.

that I still remember the first time I spoke to you.

that I still remember the first time I knew someone like you existed.

that I am way too lucky to have you.

that this post is dedicated to you and our friendship.

that this post Β is for you to know that I expect something in return for writing all the wonderful things about you πŸ˜€

that you are awesome and are missed.

Cheers to all those wonderful times!!

PS: this is the only pic that I have consciously saved πŸ™‚ and this was the same day as of the bike ride. Although I hate the way I look in this photo, I still uploaded it because you look better. So thank me!!