Words words words



Our thoughts manifest into words and the words manifest as a behaviour. Words have so much power in them that they can make one feel positive about life or extremely negative. The words that we use has a huge impact on the way we condition our brain to look at something. The words create voice to our thoughts. Words create feelings. One of the quickest ways to change how you feel is to change the words that you use. It could be as simple as changing ‘problems’ into ‘challenges’. Usually when we use strong words such as hate, anger etc, they create some intense feelings within us. But when we start using milder words like dislike or it bothers me, the impact is also mild. An alteration in the words that we use can have a great positive effect on our emotions.  We rehearse a million times before we have to give a talk in front of some important people. We make sure we use the right words.  So why not do the same rehearsal every time we talk to someone? Oh forget about someone else, let it start from self.


I read somewhere that there are 75000 words in English vocabulary.  Out of these words, there are 4000 words that describe emotions and out of them only 400 words describe positive emotions. What I am trying to say here is that just by being aware of the words we use, we can do great favours to ourselves. 

Just by saying the right things to yourself, you can actually change your life.