Take control



A few days back during one of the lectures I was attending, I cam across this statement. ‘Take control of your Life’. It does seem quite simple to understand. But I was trying to correlate it with different things. I was wondering how we blame others for the situation or the problems we go through constantly. There are a plethora of people we choose to stick our issues on. Friends who did not support, relationships that did not work, people who broke your heart…….. and these people are the reason for you not trusting anyone or unable to believe in yourself or move on with life. Because of these events your view of the world is that it sucks. And if it weren’t for them, your life would have been perfect. Really????  Well, I don’t deny that these events do leave a mark, we do feel hurt and heartbroken. We would definitely find it hard to trust, but don’t you think we have also left a scar on other people? We have also done our bit. So where does this really end?

We choose to collapse to the way the events make us feel. We choose to be dictated by others. We choose them to take control of our lives. So when we have already given the rights to others to hurt us or make us feel miserable, then how could one possibly blame them for the way we feel. Sounds quite illogical isn’t it?? We choose not to take responsibility of our lives. We wait patiently thinking, things would change, a miracle would happen, people would help. Well, I believe all of this can/may happen, but for that we need to take the first step. And that step being taking control of your life.

So wake up and grab your life by the reigns and stop letting someone else drive you. Stop blaming the rest of the world for what you go through. Take stock of your scar and also the ones that you have left and let go of the past. Move on!!