The lost art and more


When was the last time you wrote a letter to some one or when was the last time you received it from some one??

Let me feel proud about myself and say that I received two recently and I wrote one. I can actually count the number of handwritten letters I have received till date. By the time I was in high school, technology had invaded us and after that there were only emails and text messages that were exchanged. During my school days, I remember that we wrote letters to friends simply to end a cold war or to sort out a misunderstanding. It looked silly then, but looking back today I cherish the those letters written with so much love.  I have received letters from people to simply let me know how much I mean to them, to let me know how much they loved, to let me know that we would be friends forever. Reading those letters makes me feel special.  It is not because of what is written in there, but because the person who wrote had taken time off to communicate what they felt and then spend money to post it. Not sure if we have these intentions any more  Of course I would not generalize simply because I received two recently 🙂

Being a part of CBC gave me a chance to experience it all over again. I received handwritten letters from two wonderful bloggers Susan and Prash. It was such a nice gesture. It is in fact Susan who started this initiative and as far I know she must have written letters to quite a number of people who are a part of CBC. But the best part is that people who received also wrote back (yeah, we are a wonderful bunch of people). So you can imagine how many she must have received by now 🙂 Prash and I had decided that we would write to each other, but I did not expect to receive it so soon. It was definitely sweet of him. He would get one soon.  I actually do not know these people in person, but read their blogs and have had conversations a couple of times. I am hoping that I can get to know them better and also write to them. One of my wishes in my bucket list was to have a pen friend and now I have two, so that goes off my list, because of the two of you. Thank you guys!!

I really hope this lost art comes back to life. There is always a lot more joy that one gets reading to a handwritten letter, message, cards than anything that is electronically sent. This has a personal touch and means more than an email or text ever will. It has a unique scent and says a lot about the person who writes it.

Cheers to all of you who are a part of CBC.