Belief Vs Hope



There is a big difference between hoping for something to happen and believing that something would happen.  It is good to always have hopes, but in my case, I feel it kind of makes me feel a lot more negative. You know the possibility of it not happening always starts to pop up in my brain and messes my entire hope. On the other side, belief never gives you an option. It is simply what you believe in.

All these years I strived on the ‘Hope’ aspect. It felt as if I was tolerating the happenings. I was settling for anything, although I didn’t feel very settled at the end. But the very word ‘Belief’ instils a certain amount of confidence. It makes me feel a lot more optimistic of the whole process. And then I think of thought manifestation. Your thoughts and energy create your reality. If I am confident and believe in something, the energy is so much stronger and positive then there can be no way it would not happen. So this was my realization over the last days of sleeping over hopeful eve