As the days come closer to my start at University, I am reminded of my ‘A’ levels. My dad had accompanied me right from the beginning- buying the application to the first day at college. I remember us having discussions on which colleges I should apply, going through the ratings, distance from home etc. We then short-listed a couple of colleges and he went to each one of them, stood in queues and bought me applications. He then gave me a number of instructions- how to fill them, to be neat and make no mistakes and to be extra careful with my certificates ( he still mentions it to me). Well, I did get into one of the best institutions. And my preparations for my first day started, new clothes, bag, footwear, a number of pep talks from my dad etc. He did the same thing when I did my Undergrad and also for my Postgrad. The Postgrad process was a prolonged one, since I moved to a different city. I had to undergo many sessions of pep talks (lecture) from folks. It was a nightmare then.

Today, I am in a new country and have found my way through it. And finally when I decided to study, I have nobody to tell me what to wear, how to be, to prepare me for my first day at Uni here. Sounds quite silly, eh?? I am 27, independent, away from home, so much freedom and I am looking for my dad to be there on my first day at Uni. I want him to buy me the bag, the pen to write, the dress  to wear, to give me tons of pep-talks and be there with me.  It amazes me how at different stages of life, we start to appreciate and value things that we once loathed. We start to notice events that were the most insignificant once.  Anyway, the bottom line is that I miss my folks and no matter how old I am today, I would enjoy the attention.