Is there really something as happiness?


There was this piece of conversation with scholar B. Alan Wallace that I came across and I wanted to share it here. It talks about ‘What is true happiness?’ It was a mind stirring read. It is not quite settled yet. I do understand a lot of things that is said in there. Being born in a family that follow Hinduism, I have grown up listening to such concepts. One cannot seek happiness from outside. Happiness is within and if we need to be happy, we need to look within. We constantly attach ourselves to something or somebody, without which we then imagine ourselves to be happy or sad. However the fact is that we are only trying to fool ourselves, because even if we had that particular thing/person; we still are unhappy. So if we look at it logically it means external acquisition does not give you permanent happiness. So what does? According to the Hinduism and Buddhism, happiness is within us. We can’t get it from the external world. Although I am able to comprehend and it does make sense, it is eluding at the same time. My understanding of happiness is that it is just a state of mind. If I had to draw happiness on a graph, it would be a line higher than the base. So then you are not calm anymore, but are on a high. How can that be happiness? Β Being on a high is more related to pleasure, but that is very different from happiness. Is it not? My trouble at the moment is whether I am thinking too much or am I just confused or is it that ‘happiness’ itself a paradox. May be there is no such thing as happiness. My head is still not straightened out, will definitely ponder over this until I fix this unsettled feeling that I have after reading the above pdf.