An unexpected encounter

Photo: google images It was an unexpected encounter. The first time I saw them was when I was about 5 years old. They were a group of about five/six, but I seem to… Continue reading

The lost art and more

When was the last time you wrote a letter to some one or when was the last time you received it from some one?? Let me feel proud about myself and say that… Continue reading

When said..

    Lady: I love you, A! Do you love me? Man: What do you think, Mp?? Lady: How come you never seem to say it? Man: Say what?? I do say it!… Continue reading

Windmills of my mind

This is my post for Chennai Bloggers Club’s Wordless Wednesday series. 

Take control

  A few days back during one of the lectures I was attending, I cam across this statement. ‘Take control of your Life’. It does seem quite simple to understand. But I was… Continue reading

Words words words

  Our thoughts manifest into words and the words manifest as a behaviour. Words have so much power in them that they can make one feel positive about life or extremely negative. The… Continue reading

He felt it today

As he sat in the balcony, having a smoke, he remembered. He had moved on, atleast he thought he had. He thought how unbelievably in love she was with him, how pure a… Continue reading

Want you to know that…

Ganesh, this one is for you.. I always wanted you to read my blog, well that was the deal just in case you don’t remember. And I know that you don’t. But just… Continue reading

Falling in love with imperfections from tomorrow..

      I have a very weird habit of looking at the weather forecast for the next day just before I hit the sack. And what is even more weird is that… Continue reading

Random stuff

    With the constant use of technology for anything and everything, things have changed in every way. Things have become much easier and we don’t need to spend too much energy. Everything… Continue reading