Laugh it out

  This picture is of Laughing Buddha as he is famously known amongst the Chinese. He was a Buddhist Monk, who always carried a large sack containing all his possessions. He was very… Continue reading

Passage through life

Carve a tunnel of hope through the dark mountain of disappointment.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. There can be difficult times in life. We all go through that at some point or the… Continue reading


“Expand your horizons. Move beyond the normal and mediocre to the extraordinary. Be daring. Ride the waves of life with enthusiasm, passion and freedom in your heart. Open your arms wide and receive… Continue reading

Dying leaves

Something about autumn leaves make me fall in love with them. I have imagined myself writing mushy messages  for Ji on these leaves and I will certainly do it someday. Call me lazy!!!… Continue reading

Architectural heritage

Today while travelling, I was reading a book and it had a beautiful picture of one the most famous temple towers of India. Almost all the Hindu temples in India have a temple… Continue reading

Quite a sight

  This picture was taken while I was on my way back home from work. It was quite a sight! Today was one of my best days in London, in terms of the… Continue reading

Let the waves wash away…

Let the waves wash away all the pride, ego, misunderstandings, bad memories, hard times, and everything that has the ability to split apart two people who share a beautiful relationship. Let the waves… Continue reading

The poser

  This one was taken just outside the Buckingham Palace. Nothing could have been cuter than this. It kept running to one place to the other and  I kept running behind this one… Continue reading

Shadows of the past

This is my second post for today. The one for yesterday was uploaded around half past twelve so the date remains 8th. One crazy day and could not post it on time. I… Continue reading


I have been taught to start my day with a smile and also end it with one. I believe life is made beautiful with  smile. Give your smile to people and you ne… Continue reading