Living life on the edge

This was the first scooter I saw in the UK and believe me I was so excited.I looked too fluttery with excitement. I think it was some scooter race. I remembered the thrill… Continue reading

London Bridge is falling down

London Bridge is falling down was one of most famous nursery rhymes in India back then. I loved it, I must say. Years went by and here I am in London. This was… Continue reading

A bond I share..

  Look how bright it looks! Look at the shadows! Look at the rays! Look at the birds! Look at everything you can… These are called the “black headed geese”. Geese family is… Continue reading


Height does not matter, there is always a way to reach there. Its all in the way you look at it. Think big and work hard and you would get it all. I… Continue reading

Speeding through Life

The shiny and transparent dew drops, walking on the grass with bare feet, chirping of the birds, rustling of the leaves, fragrance from the flowers, soothing sound of the breeze, the greens and… Continue reading

Journey begins….

Glad that I managed to start my blog on this day. Exactly 6 more months for the new year!! I was looking for a photo with the a baby walking and wanted to… Continue reading