Falling in love with imperfections from tomorrow..





I have a very weird habit of looking at the weather forecast for the next day just before I hit the sack. And what is even more weird is that the  degree mentioned has an impact on my mood for the next day. Yeah, I pre set it 🙂 So last night I went through the prediction and I realized it was a cold day. I decided that I will not wake up early and just laze around for as long as I can. But this morning, it was bright and sunny. Now this definitely had to make me happy. I got dressed and ready to step out. But for some reason just before heading out I wanted to go to the porch and enjoy the beautiful view outside. I just stepped out and the freezing wind just hit my face so hard that at that point I realized that the sun had tricked me.

I also realized that sometimes what you look outside from a closed or a protected environment, it looks beautiful and exciting. But when you are out there all alone, it is full of imperfections.  I realised that it all does not have to come down to perfection always and I had to learn to fall in love with imperfections. Of course I decided to fall in love from tomorrow and wanted my today to be perfect, hence I stuck myself to my quilt.


PS: A very vague post for today. I actually have developed a strong hatred for winters. And going through the weather forecast happens only during winters. So don’t label me as a crazy woman 🙂 I just need a little sunlight to make my day.