A few weeks back  I went to a friend’s house for dinner. It was a get-together and there were quite a few people in there. The friend’s wifey had cooked this really yummy… Continue reading

Thanks for being there

This is the book that I am currently reading. A good read, I must say. Anyway, this post is not about the book, will probably write a review some time later. So there… Continue reading

Just flowers or a heart?

      Sarcasm met Sincere not knowing that the meeting was going to be something more than just a chat. Sarcasm mocked about what an awful taste Sincere had in choosing a… Continue reading

High on you

He chose not to drink. She was quick, one… two… three and wanted more. He stopped her saying that is all she can take. She being stubborn, wanted to prove him wrong. She… Continue reading

One last time

They met!! He knew she was not fine, he knew her too well. She thought he cared and he would ask her. He did finally and she said it is nothing. He asked… Continue reading


There has been a question that has been lingering in my mind for quite sometime. How do you define yourself???!!! Does your name, beliefs, caste, religion, geographical location, language you speak, traditions etc… Continue reading

Stunted growth

A couple of weeks back, I saw something at a friend’s place. It was a tree, but really tiny and in a small pot.  So the friend explained to me that it was… Continue reading


In today’s post I am just going to be sharing two wonderful write ups that I recently came across. What do you mean by happiness? Some will say happiness consists in getting what… Continue reading

Currently wishing for….

I closed my eyes and wished for…. I wish When I talk to my mom, I could touch her and feel her sitting right next to me. I could have non-stop verbal fights… Continue reading


  A man reading Bible in the train was constantly disturbed by the scientist who was sitting opposite to him. Scientist: So much science has developed, you still read Bible? Man: Me reading… Continue reading