The first award

This lovely blog award was bestowed upon me by the cimply wonderful Shilpa ( Thanks a lot, girl 🙂 This is my first blog award and I am glad to have received it… Continue reading


    “Hope is the only bee that makes honey without flowers.” – Robert Green Ingersoll I know a person who is a great activist, a wonderful social worker, an extra ordinary leader… Continue reading

What does it mean to you?

    Does elegance lie in the clothes one wears?? Isn’t it a lot more than just what you wear?? In my opinion, clothes are just a part of all those things that… Continue reading

Life is like a flower

“Life is like a flower. It can die and wilt any time, but with a little tender love and care, it will bloom for what seems like forever” – Elizabeth Sanders Life is… Continue reading


He could make me deliriously happy or crazy with anger, quicker than anyone I had ever known, and when he smiled everything else disappeared and I could not help but smile back. He… Continue reading


  I was quite certain that every woman at least once  would have wished she was a man. But can we say the same thing about men??? I made this one statement and… Continue reading

Enjoy spending and saving

  We can’t get enough of shelling out cash. No matter how much we have, the money would always be less. The moment you feel your wallet is weighing more, you would have… Continue reading


      What comes to your mind when you hear somebody say, ‘Born in the Wrong Body’?? From the moment we are born, our gender is no secret. We are either a… Continue reading

A phase

    “All three are hip-deep in midlife, when the eyes go and the waistline spreads and the city on the hill that shone so brightly in youth turns out to be more like… Continue reading

Last Tear

Watery eyes and a deep breath – like it was the last draw of air left in the atmosphere, the heavy heart and the The lump in his throat when he realized that the… Continue reading